Our mission is to empower individuals to achieve their goals through exceptional martial arts programs.

K2 Martial Arts was founded on the Japanese principle of “Kaisen” – constant and never ending improvement.

We continually and obsessively refine all of our programs striving to deliver the best martial arts experience anywhere.

We compare and measure the quality of our programs to the most prominent schools in the world – not the region – going well beyond any local standards or norms and ensuring that K2 programing offer a truly superior experience as a global leader in martial arts education.

Accepting The School Excelence Award At The 2018 SUPERSHOW In Las Vegas

K2 Received

The School Excellence Award from MAIA

– the world largest martial arts industry association -

11 Years In A Row.

The K2 Team continually travels all over the Globe training and networking with the foremost leaders in the Martial arts industry.

We train with the world’s top martial arts champions, coaches and masters to ensure we are providing our students with the latest cutting edge training techniques and strategies. The K2 Team also works with leaders in personal development, fitness, and education

– all to forge your path to excellence.


The first K2 school was opened in September of 1999.

The K2 Founders – Scott FitzPatrick, Aksell Nicolaides, and Alain Moussi all have over 30 years of martial arts experience earning high black belt ranks in multiple disciplines, accumulating many competitive titles as well as earning numerous industry awards and accolades. In addition, Aksell, Scott, and Alain earned their Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under the famed Machado brothers in 2013.

Featured in top-tier magazines and media worldwide, they've graced stages across the US, Canada, and Europe with their sought-after seminars, workshops, and keynotes.

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