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Scott FitzPatrick

K2 Martial Arts Co-Founder & Chief Instructor

I love it, it makes me feel so strong – I have more energy then I have ever had.

I’m 28lbs lighter, 4 pants sizes smaller and I have muscles I can now see!”

Dana Andersen

K2 Kickboxing® is a 40 minute heart pumping, high energy workout combining authentic Kickboxing and Muay Thai techniques with High Intensity Interval Training in a fun and innovative class structure. Melt fat, carve your body, and unleash the raging kickboxer inside!

Every K2KB class is a unique experience that delivers a fun, fast paced, unique cardio and HIIT workout while learning REAL kickboxing moves using gloves and heavybags.

*It is NOT the typical pretend, air punching, diluted and lame experience found in the big gyms.

A finely tuned powerhouse system that produces better results than spending hours doing the traditional, boring gym routines.

You will torch fat and carve your body - The fact that it's FUN and easy to get into is just a bonus. =)

You will learn real kickboxing which is exciting and fun, and our uniquely crafted training system will get you quick and consistent results. (What you won’t be doing is a lame aerobic class with some awkward punches and kicks thrown for just for looks.)

K2 Kickboxing will revolutionize what you have come to expect out of a training program.

  • K2 instructors are passionate, truly care about helping you reach your goals and will go above and beyond to help you accomplish them.​

  • You will actually enjoy the journey instead of the motivational nightmare you've experienced going to the Gym - You will be hooked :)​

  • You don't need any special skills - Our expert Coaches will help you perform like a pro from day one.

"I find that I am stronger, more fit. I have discovered the ability to push my body further and further everyday. I am breaking through a level of training I never thought I could accomplish.”

Steve Perron

An Exceptional Result Driven Workout Powered By Authentic Kickboxing

Our unique and carefully crafted system allows even complete beginners to finish every class slamming the bags with real combos - feeling and looking like a pro.

In addition to being an exceptional result driven workout, K2KB delivers an experience simply un-achievable by the myriad of pretend kickboxing aerobic classes:

A deeply satisfying skill progression that you can see and feel on the bags, and a real sense of accomplishement and pride that only comes from newfound skills.

That is what keeps K2 Kickboxing members coming class after class and year after year.