A Challenge From Carlos Machado - BJJ 8th Degree:

"Give Me 3 Weeks... And I'll Teach You How To Take Down Anyone - Of Any Size - While Getting You In The Best Shape Of Your Life... Guaranteed."

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"if you've ever thought of taking a class, this is the place to do it!! Great teachers and great atmosphere! Everyone is helpful and it's so much fun!

Josh Mcewen - Ottawa

Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes will get you stronger, tougher, and feeling more alive than ever after just a few short weeks.

Whether you're looking to compete...or just looking for a martial sport to enhance your life...

The Machado method© has been carefully engineered to maximize every minute on the mat. Rather than random classes, every lesson is part of a teaching strategy to help you make the most of your training. In addition the classes are designed to be fun and exciting, creating a great learning environment.

  • Learn The Most Effective Martial Art In The World. Ending up on the ground is the natural progression of almost any confrontation. Jiu-Jitsu allows you to defend against, control and subdue even a much larger person.

  • Build Unshakable Confidence.
    You will not only become a force to be reckoned with on the mat but in your personal life too.

  • Have A Blast! Our classes are designed to be fun and the camaraderie built with training partners makes every class a social event. – BJJ becomes incredibly addictive :)

"The most rewarding, friendly and skilled teachers available that will improve you every class. Get in shape, learn an art, gain new friends and have fun while doing so!"

David Ireland - Ottawa

Meet The Team

One Of The Original Jiu-Jitsu Pioneers

Carlos Machado is one of the highest ranked instructor in the world and the nephew of one of the founders of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the late Carlos Gracie.

He was the undisputed Brazilian national champion for nearly a decade before moving to the US where he, his brothers, and his cousins the Gracies, introduced BJJ to the world. Having trained many champions as well as countless martial arts and film legends such as Chuck Norris, The Machado brothers are among the most respected and acclaimed Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructors anywhere on the planet.

The Ottawa Instructor Team Is Proud To Be Continuing The Machado Legacy

Already black belt instructors in other disciplines, K2 Martial Arts founders Alain Moussi, Scott Fitzpatrick, and Aksell Nicolaides started their BJJ training in the late 90's. They opened their first club in 1999 and have since become internationally recognized instructors teaching all over the US, Canada, and Europe. They have been featured in Black Belt magazine, MA Success magazine, Gracie Mag, Muscle & Fitness and countless other prominent media.

Together they ensure the Machado legacy lives on in the Ottawa region and we look forward to having you be part of it!

Aksell, Alain, and Scott receiving their Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belts in 2013.